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.06.2014 5 FVB teams played at the Beachballfestival in Hasselt. Despite the rainy conditions, they played some strong games, got a lot of attention and even managed to attract some new players. Welcome Laurent and co. Keep it up, the future looks bright.

.06.2014 Footvolley Belgium was invited to participate in the prestigious Eredivisie series of tournaments in the Netherlands. Against the strongest teams from all over Holland (Groningen, Amsterdam, Werkendam and Breda) Ulli and Bjorn managed to hold their ground and give some show on and off court. Perfectly organized so many thanks to Mark Van Londen and Solo Sports and Events. Keep it up! See you all at the next Eredivisie tournaments in Huizen and Amstelveen.

.06.2014 Two FVB teams participated at the BredaBeach Keukenkampioen tournament in Breda, Netherlands. Ruben and Toon gained a lot of experience against strong opposition and even managed to win some games. Ulli and Bjorn were able to reach the final 4 group stage but didn't succeed in bringing home the cup. See you next year my friends!

08.06.2014 Two FVB teams competed at the Beachvoetvolley tournament in Vogelwaarde, Netherlands. Youngsters Toon and Benji played well for their first tournament but didn't qualify for the finals. Bjorn and Ruben made it to the quarter finals but got eliminated by Rene and Jesse who won the tournament. Thank you for the invitation and an excellent organization Gudo.

Preparation for 2014 in progress

20140113_204616  20140113_204750

.11.2013 On Nov 1st the preparation of footvolley season 2014 has started. We practice Mondays and/or Wednesdays at 19h30 in Hasselt and try to join our friends in Dusseldorf, Raamsdonkveer and Amsterdam as often as possible. The calendar for 2014 will be awesome: Exhibitions, tournaments, heck even a World Championship in Dubai is coming up. More information soon. Keep it up!

For the 5th year in a row Footvolley Austria organized its world class event the International Foutvolley Cup in Graz. And again they managed to attract many of the strongest and most attractive footvolley players out there. Ulli & Kaspar defended the honor of Belgium and they managed to beat Croatia (18-15) but lost from Israel2 (Dudu&Maradona) 18-11, Italy3 (Checco&Dennis) 18-15 and Austria3 (Armin&Dominik) 19-17. In an outstanding half final game Israel1 (Amir&Coquinha) beat their fellow country men Israel2. In the final they also beat Italy1 (Paolo&Luca). Congratz to all.

Garbage Group BELITA

05.08.2013 Team Belgium (Ulli&Jochen) just returned from Oslo (Norway) not victorius but nevertheless very impressed. This edition of the Scandinavian Footvolley Tour was very succesful. Pedro and Bruno organized a high level footvolley training camp before winning the tournament in a final against Spain (Edu&Juan). On Saturday the players faced the wrath of Thor the god of thunder but everyone survived. Many thanks and cu next year my friends!


Footvolley Germany excelled in organizing the International Footvolley Cup in Cologne. 16 top teams from 10 different countries. Team Belgium was represented by Ulli Hulsmans and Jan-Pieter Martens but they got eliminated in a group with Portugal, Italy2 and Germany4. Brazil (Helinho&Marcos) won the final against Germany1 (Mo&Markus) 2-1. Congratulations for a perfect tournament!


08.07.2013 The winners of the BK Footvolley 2013 tournament in Antwerp are Antonio Aurino/Jesse van Oord (Holland). They won the final 2-0 against Mo Obeid/Gerhard Zuber (Germany). 3rd place was for Barry Ruitenberg/Arjo Nederveen who won from Kaspar Schlebus/Jochen Van Gestel in the small final. Many thx to the Beausport Sportsbeach Antwerp, Salitos and all participants and supporters. Cu next year.
BKAntonioJesse BKMo BKtop3

30.06.2013 The winners of the BK Footvolley 2013 tournament in Hasselt are Ulli Hulsmans/Bjorn Van Gestel. 2nd place is for Jochen Van Gestel/Dieter Deferme, 3rd place for Ruben/Gillian Veestraeten and 4th place Jeffrey Vandebroek/Ruben Bijloos. Many thx to the Beachbalfestival and our numerous supporters. Keep it up.

25.06.2013 Final call for participating teams to the BK Footvolley 2013 manches. Register HERE. Hasselt 29 juin and Antwerp 7 july.

25.06.2013 The sun doesn't always shine. We received word that the Belgian Championship at Rox Arena in Knokke-Heist cannot take place on Aug 4th due to a double booking. Looking for new dates.

23.06.2013 3 Belgian teams played the FV Cup in breda (NL). An excellent experience for Ruben, Gil, Dieter, Jochen, Bjorn and Ulli. Antonio/Henri won the final from Jordi/Jesse. Bredabeach&bar is wonderful. Thx!

15.06.2013 Oslo here we come! FV Belgium will be present in the Scandinavian Footvolley tour in Oslo. Team Ulli/jochen will Compete with Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Holland, France and many more. Click here for more information on the Scandinavian Footvolley Tour. We'll keep you posted.

11.04.2013 FV Belgium sends out his sons! Bjorn VG just returned from training camp in the Footvolley School of Dunga on Ipanema. A special thanks to super coach Waltinho for the valuable lessons and tips.


07.04.2013 Our Scandinavian footvolley friends announced their calendar for the summer of 2013. Click here for more information on the Scandinavian Footvolley Tour. We wish them the best of luck and will try to send teams from FV Belgium.

03.04.2013 Footvolley around the globe! Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines joined forces in the Asian Footvolley Federation. For more information visit We humbly bow to this effort to structure the coolest sport in the world. Best of luck and cya soon.

03.01.2013 Footvolley King of the Beach 2013 is Martijn Ten Duys. This Dutch champion was the last man standing in the arena of the Beach in Aalsmeer / Amsterdam. Players from Brazil, Germany, Croatia, France, Belgium (Ulli) and the Netherlands competed for the title. But only one is victorious in this formula. Our Belgian champion made it to the 3 vs 3 finals with Greg (France) and Rene (Holland) but were not able to beat Jesse & the De Haens. This was one of the most pleasant and well organized tournaments out here. Congratulations to Martijn (the King) and to Mark Van Londen and co for a perfect organisation.


29.12.2012 5 of Footvolley Belgium's players joined FV Amsterdam in their Beach Cup / Last Working Day tournament. Everson, Jef, Dieter, Bjorn & Ulli played a dozen games with and against the finest players of Amsterdam, Breda, Den Haag and Groningen. An excellent learning experience for our youngsters. The after party was superb, the drive home long. Cu soon mateys.

24.12.2012 FVB's team Ulli & Bjorn participated in the indoor tournament of Footvolley Breda at Raamsdonksveer. They did not qualify for the finals but were victorious in the almost-winners final. The winners of the tournament were Antonio & Henri in a spectacular final against Rene & Niels. Many thanks to Steven, Ton and company for a perfect organization.

20.11.2012 Since Nov 1 preparation of footvolley season 2013 has started. Every Monday 19h30 in Hasselt. FVB is proud to announce 6 of our youngest additions: Jeroen, Gillian, Ruben V, Dieter, Jef and  Ruben BKeep it up!

01.09.2012 Perfect weather yesterday in Breda where the last footvolley tournament of the season took place. For the occasion the Belgian champions 2012 and 2011 Michael and Ulli teamed up. They got eliminated in the quarter finals by Dutch champions Bart and Martijn who won the tournament. Many thanks to Breda Beach for a wonderful day. Time to start preparing for 2013. FVB has already been invited to 2 tournaments in Januari.

17.07.2012 On Sunday July 15th the Belgian Championship Footvolley was held at the Sportsbeach in Antwerp. 20 teams from 4 countries participated (BEL, HOL, GER, FRA). The Belgian Champions 2012 are Ger and Michael Klop who were able to beat Tim Saaman and Jesse van Oord in the final. You can see all the results here and photos you can find on Congratulations to all the players and we hope to see you next year. Special thanks to Peter and Wesley from SB Antwerpen for a perfect organization.

   GerMichaelKlopWeb      FINAL5     Groep1

02.07.2012 Team Belgium (Ulli & Rene Van Eijsden) participated in the Eurotour Footvolley tournament in Graz, Austria. On the beautiful square Karmeliterplatz Belgium lost from Suisse (3rd place) and Austria 3 but managed to beat Germany. Israel (Dudu & Coquinha) won the final against Holland (Jordi & Bas) Congratulations to all people from Footvolley Graz for organizing one of the best tournaments in the world year after year!


30.06.2012 Bjorn Janssen & Jochen Van Gestel won the FV tournament in Hasselt. Many thx to the Beachballfestival and all the players present.

23.06.2012 3 FVB teams participated in the Breda Beach tournament. FVB 3 (Mo & Tom) made it to the 8th finals in their 1st tournament! FVB 2 (Jochen & Bjorn J) came short 1 goal to qualify for the 8th finals and FVB 1 (Ulli & Bjorn VG) reached the quarter finals but were eliminated by the winners of the tournament (the brothers De Haen). Many thx to Breda Beach for a warm welcome and a perfect organization.

12.06.2012 Two of FVB's players (Deniz&Ulli) were invited to participate in the EC King of the Beach in the Beach stadium of Scheveningen (NL). Both players made it to the second round but got blasted away by a full-blown storm. Blinded by the sand trying to keep the ball on the field: footvolley extreme! Many thx to Mark van Londen for an exellent tournament in extreme conditions.


04.06.2012 For the second year FVB won the FV Cup in Geel (B). In the final Team Van Gestel-Janssen won against Team El Idrissi-Grootaerts. Congratz to all and a special thanks to Bjorn Daelemans for organizing this tournament for all these years.

03.06.2012 FVB likes to thank FV Amsterdam for an excellent tournament at the Dam square. Team Belgium (Jan-Pieter&Ulli) didn't qualify for the quarter finals after loosing from Israel, France, Croatia and Holland (Rene & Hisham). France won the final against Germany, Israel was a strong 3rd.

25.05.2012 FVB (Deniz & Ulli) participated in the Eurotour FV tournament of Zurich. In the group of death, we narrowly lost to Swisterland1 (15-13), France1 (15-13) and Italy2 (15-12) but were able to beat Holland1 (15-10). For the final group game against Germany and a place in the quarter final, we had to forfait due to an injury. Many thanks to Suisse Footvolley for a perfect organization.

Zurich1  Zurich3

27.03.2012 Footvolley season 2012 is coming up so FVB is looking for new talent! Practice every Monday at 19h30 in Hasselt indoor. In a few weeks we'll be training outdoor.

22.01.2012 Footvolley Belgium (Jochen & Ulli) participated in the International tournament of Footvolley Groningen. We didn't make it to the final 16. We won against Holland (Rene&Raymond) but the games against France, Germany, Israel and Austria were lost. It was the first time we played together; results will follow. Congratulations to Spain (Carlos&Pablo) who won the tournament for the second time. More info on


9.01.2012 On dec 30th 2011 Footvolley Belgium won the Beachcup in Amsterdam. Davis Cup rules applied so team Belgium (Ulli & Bjorn) teamed up with local Dutch champions Rick & Hisham. As you can see we were very proud with the throphy and will be defending our title next year.


12.07.2011 FVB returned from the International Footvolley Cup of Loipersdorf in Austria. Team Martens/Hulsmans were able to beat Austria but lost from Spain, Germany and Norway. Brazil won the tournament against Spain. FVB congratulates Footvolley Styria for an excellent organization.

27.06.2011 The Belgian Championship footvolley 2011 was won by Jan-Pieter Martens/Ulli Hulsmans. In the final they defeated the duo Tarik Bhar/Mehdi Lazaar.  For more information see BK Footvolley. FVB would like to thank all players, supporters and sponsors. Special thanks goes to Sanmax and the Beachballfestival for a perfect organisation.


05.06.2011 FVB won the tournament of Footvolley Geel. Team Kastrati/Hulsmans defeated team Van Gestel/Lijnen in the final. Many thanks to FV Geel for a perfect organisation and to the supporters.

18.04.2011 FVB became 18th of 28 teams at the World Championship Footvolley in Salvador Bahia in Brazil. Jan-Pieter Martens en Ulli Hulsmans lost from France and Russia but won against Holland. Congratulations to Brazil (Vinicius&Bello) who won the tournament.

08.03.2011 FVB had an excellent indoor practice at the Beach in Aalsmeer. Many thanks to Footvolley Amsterdam.

24.01.2011 FVB with the experimental team Hulsmans/Lijnen became 15th (of 18) on the Dutch WC Footvolley in Groningen. Congratulations to Spain who won the tournament in an appealing final against Holland. More info on

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